Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Staff gets musical

We, the Staff (TM) did something last night that we hadn't done for a while. We went to a concert. Good for we.

The main act was Def Leppard (meaning the bulk of the people in the audience were reliving the glory of the 80's) but the main reason We, the Staff (TM) were there was for the opening act, The Tea Party. It had been about five years since we had seen them live, and as always, they put on a very solid live show. The highlight of their set was when they played "Psychopomp" off the 1997 album Transmission, quite possibly our favourite Tea Party song. Overall, the set was somewhat brief (about an hour, but they were just the opening act) but they still got through a lot of their great material, without focusing too much on one particular album. They played about one to two songs from each record. We, the Staff (TM) will have to check out their website for future headlining tour dates in the area. Conveniently enough, said website is linked to the right. So go check it out. All of you. NOW!

-The Staff


Anonymous said...
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Juxtapose said...

Another spam comment has been purged. Damn spammers.

Anyway, Tea Party = Good. I regret that I've never seen them live, but it's definitely on my list of things to do.

Go me.