Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Morning Post - Lego Clone Wars Edition

So I won Episode II - Attack of the Clones in Lego Star Wars last night, and I must say though a chapter (level) shorter, it was much better than Episode I.
There was no annoying Pod Racing sequence that was piss-assed hard, instead there was a gunship sequence more reminisent of Space Invaders; which was fun. The Dooku battle also happened a lot sooner and didn't take forever to get to as Darth Maul did.

There was also this great part right at the beginning of the Episode where, on Tipoca City (The city on Kamino where the Clones were being created) where you could get a couple of Kaminoans to disco dance with the flashy floor and lights and everything to a disco version of the Star Wars theme.

Great fun, and the space battle that opens Episode III was very well done as well. I figure I'll have the game beat in another day or so.


Telly said...

We also tinkered with said game a while back. Was fun, but got a little tedious. And yes, the space battle at the beginning of Ep. III was a lot of fun. And yes, the podracing sequence was a pain in the arse.

-The Staff

sookie said...

i love lego

Juxtapose said...

And that's the great appeal of Lego Star Wars: The Video Game: The fact that it's all made out of Lego; reminds you of being a kid.