Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Morning Post

So I cam to the conclusion that I must be a Tolkien Elf. How so you ask? Am I not a son of the race of men? Well, look at it this way: In Tolkien's Middle-earth, the Elves have created many vast and wonderous cities, structures, and wonders; so much so that one of the key catch phrases in all his works is "they laboured long."

Well, if they labour long all the time on this or that, then how come you never see any of those lazy bums doing anything more than standing around and singing or chatting. And there it is, Elves don't really seem to "labour long" as the works suggest, they're simply lazy and it's all a union ploy.

Perhaps all the need is one "peon" to build them an entire castle, and he can do so in about 2 minutes like in Warcraft, because Warcraft has Elves, and it's all the same crap ain't it.

So, since I was just standing around yesterday I must be an Elf, 'cause I also labour long on many things.

Now stop reading this and tell me how beautiful I am!

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